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We are looking for donations of wood, arts and crafts, anything to equip our Men's Shed 

Project 1. Equipping our shed 

We are on the look out for any off cuts of wood, DIY equipment, safety accessories (goggles masks, gloves etc), any arts and crafts equipment. 

Project 2.  Social. 

We chat, we make tea. We have speakers. We are now running every Wednesday and Monday; come along have some lunch (Weds only) and take part in the activities.


Project 3 Crafts

Extensive woodworking equipment has been donated. Prior to this we created some window boxes for sites around the town. We also learned some basic mosaic techniques. Now we are creating more complex items-  see our products page.

Project 4 Community Service

We've helped out in a conservation site in town doing some heavy tree pruning to allow light to reach the wildflowers. Also helped folk to rescue their overgrown gardens. We've donated some equipment to Landport community garden.
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