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Some of our woodwork products are shown below, most are made from recycled wood. If you fancy an item, we can suggest an associated donation to the shed. Most products can be altered to suit your requirements and we are very open to suggestions of what we might provide. We can also consider social projects for those in urgent need of help. Examples, so far, include: removal of brambles

etc from a garden which become overgrown

during a period of ill health, heavy pruning in

a wildlife sanctuary, repair of benches in a

local park site and emergency DIY.
If you have any requests or suggestions, write

to the projects manager - Ian via the contact


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Flower Boxes.
We can produce these to almost any configuration. You will see quite a few of them around Lewes. In the spirit of recycling, we make them mainly from old pallets.
bird boxes.png
Bird Boxes and bird tables of various designs.
bird table.jpg
Coat Stand
Toilet roll holder
and storage
toilet Roll.jpg
coffee table.jpg
Yes. We can make tables!

For The Kitchen


Chopping boards of various types.
Kitchen rack for baking trays and chopping boards.

Somewhat rustic coasters of varying sizes cut from logs and oiled.

Snowy Christmas trees.
Park/ Garden benches
Welly / Boot holder
Bookshelf for the station
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